Lifetime Crisis




released October 10, 2014

Recorded by Simon Nerlich in June 2014.

Mixed & Mastered by Olli Carell at Blastbeat Productions.

Cello on "From Rags To Riches" and "Concrete World" by Joscha.

Artwork by Herr Ohlig.





"... melodic DIY-Punkrock Band with provoking messages from the toughest pavements of the city, direct and straight forward in the face of society."

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Track Name: From Rags To Riches
From Rags to Riches

The dockyard appears in the pale morning light
Praise for the drinking praise for the night
Morning has broken over the broken ones
Maybe we're wrong but we stick to our guns
'Cause we don't know better

Cheers to our fucked up past that we hate
Cheers to the future that we don't have
Cheap lousy booze is carrying us home
By the cold morning light we are alone again and
We won't find peace here

Anti-social Anti-all raised by the TV raised to fall
From rags to riches is what they say
But if one makes it up 10 000 will stay
Down on the ground where we kids are around
Down on the fucked up dirty streets I call home

It starts in the schools when they beat down on us
Just because we don't understand fucking plus
The pressure is crushing the souls of the soft
The cold hearted make it up to the top
And we won't fight back

But one day the dirt and hate from the streets
Will rage through your fucking brave new world
Track Name: Fear And Hate
Fear and Hate

It was a party on a friday night
He saw him standing under the neon light
They felt in love and kissed all night long
His father said listen son this is wrong

He is leaving home not looking back
Daddy's gone mommy's praying to god
Oh please save my son

You call it sickness you call it wrong
I call it love i call it strong
Anti all your homophobia
Hearts brimful of fear and hate

They found him dead in some back alley
You say its a sin to be gay
Your mind is open like a prison gate
Your heart brimful of fear and hate

He is leaving earth not looking back
Daddy's gone mommy's crying for help
Someone save my son

Machos rome through town
Searching victims to beat down
Hearts of stone souls of steel
You love the way you feel

Wipe out homophobia
It is the worst disease
Wipe out all your nasty lies
One day you may realize
Track Name: Concrete World
Concrete World

The surface burns the inside so cold
We are the youth so fucking scared and old
What are we scared of? What are our fears?
Nothing to lose in this place without tears

A plastic world and we are the dolls damned
To find the sense of our lives in shopping malls
Upon the naked walls
A plastic world and we are the toys
We got no guts no we we've got the choice
Between the wrong and false

Burn down the world if the days are getting cold
This heartless concrete world makes me feel so fucking old
Burn down the cities if the walls are choking you
Burn it to the ground and destroy to make new

Forever young!? please shut your fuck up
I cant take this bullshit anymore nobody here is young
Security is what the kids fight for and
Tomorrow they will talk about their wild wild youth
And regret their tattoos
Track Name: Your Dreams My Nightmares
Your Dreams My Nightmares

I am a useless and lazy bone
Sitting on my ass turning to stone
I'm not interested in any career
You go for the top and I will stay here

You call me loser and you are damn right
I sleep all day long I'm to tired to fight
Not educated and stupid as fuck
My life is a one-way street and I'm stuck

I don't want to live like you in your dreams
Your dreams my nightmares your life my death
I don't wanna be part of your sick society

I got plans I got dreams too
My dream is not to end up like you
Better off dead then a redneck fuck
Better off dead then your suburban luck

Your smile my tears
Your hopes my fears
Your growth my decay
Your nightmares my way